Sample Itineraries

9 Day Sample Itinerary

Day 1

After you go through Immigration and Customs, we will greet you right outside the airport with a sign stating your group name held by the representative of Belize Nature Getaway.  We’ll shuttle you to the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina in Belize.  During your stay, you can make use of the hotel’s outstanding amenities, including complimentary high-speed Internet access, two beautiful swimming pools, a full-service marina and dive shop and on-site dining.

In the afternoon, you’ll board the bus for a city tour where your guide will point out the historical landmarks, such as the location of Charles Lindberg’s landing, the oldest church in Belize and many more, with many opportunities for photos along the way.  After your tour, we will drive to a local restaurant, located along the Caribbean sea, for a welcome dinner.  {D}

Day 2

We travel to the Southern region of the country to begin the next four days of fun.   We journey through the lush rainforest along the scenic Hummingbird Highway to Placencia which has a rich history as the primary fishing village in colonial times.  First we will stop for a refreshing swim, or simply to enjoy, the sapphire blue waters of the Inland Blue Hole, a sinkhole in a lush jungle setting, fed by an underground river.  Enjoy the beautiful beaches, deep turquoise Caribbean Sea in what is now a prime destination in Belize. {B, L, D}

Hotel: Placencia & Robert’s Grove Beach and Resort

Day 3

On today’s boat ride we will enjoy the eco-system of the Monkey River, home to the protected manatees, mangrove habitats, the Caribbean coral reef and turtle grass habitats.  Belize is home to more than 500 species of exotic birds and you will see many of them on this excursion.

You will have a chance to walk through a secondary growth conservation rainforest, view the flora and fauna of the jungle as your guide informs you of the many different herbal plants.

Our lunch stop will be at the small, sleepy Creole village of Monkey River where we can mingle with the local people. {B, L}

Day 4

Today we boat to Southwater Caye Marine Reserve for a relaxing day of fishing, diving, snorkeling and birding.  The caye is an important part of the Belize’s barrier reef system where we experience the patch reefs and sea grass beds. You must visit this spectacular destination when in Belize. Enjoy bbq lunch on the beach.

— OR —

Tour the Maya Museum and learn coffee, tortilla and chocolate making activities. You will roast your own cacao beans on the clay griddle as the Mayans did.  Making cacao bean chocolate on the Mayan grinding stone is a delicious treat.  Taste a fresh lunch with a Mayan family.

Get ready for the seasonal Bioluminescence evening tour experience.  Seeing the glowing blue green algae of the lagoon in person is much more magical than its featured scene in the Oscar- winning movie The Life of Pi.   You can see the fish moving thru the water feeding as it looks like we are moving thru trailing green fire. {B, L}

Day 5

Today we journey to the western side of Belize to the town of San Ignacio, a few minutes from Guatemala.

Check into your resort that is centrally located in the town of San Ignacio. This resort is a 17-acre private estate of lush tropical setting which is a short walk from where you can experience the culture and lifestyle of the people. {B, L, D}

Hotel: San Ignacio Resort

Day 6

We board the bus to the Tikal National Park which is in the heart of the jungle in Guatemala.  The diverse ecosystems and habitats harbor a wide spectrum of neo-tropical fauna and flora. It includes wetlands, savannah, tropical forest, various freshwater systems, more than 200 species of trees and Mayan architecture dating from 600 B.C.

The notable wildlife includes Jaguar and Puma, several species of monkeys, and anteaters.

Tikal was one of the most important Mayan civilization centers with monuments that include palaces, temples, ceremonial platforms, residences/dwellings, ball-game courts, stone carvings and mural paintings.

The park is an outstanding example of the art and human genius of the Maya. {B, L, D}

Day 7

After breakfast we visit the Green Iguana Conservation Project.  This Project uses interactive exhibits and programs to help educate visitors and create awareness among the general public. Here, visitors are given the opportunity mingle with these wonderful reptiles and also, learn the about the incubation, hatching, rearing, and releasing process.  Also learn how vital they could be to the ecological balance of the river habitat.

Explore a stunning Maya ceremonial cave by canoe as your guide introduces you to one of Belize’s most fascinating natural and cultural wonders during this remarkable excursion.  The tour travels about a mile along a meandering river flowing through the beautiful cathedral -like chambers and wide passages of the Barton Creek Cave, which has become a popular attraction in recent years with high standards of safety and environmental protection.  Barton Creek Cave was recently included in a list of nine of the world’s most beautiful and unusual cave destinations. {B, L}

Day 8

Today we visit the Butterfly Farm in Cayo.  We will see several native butterfly species, including the magnificent Blue Morpho.  This research oriented farm studies the interactions between the different species of butterflies and is devoted to conservation activities.  A new species of tarantula spider Citharacanthus meermani was discovered here and visit the beautiful hummingbirds that feed here and take center stage on your visit. (2 hours)

After today’s adventure, get ready for a beautiful private sunset dinner with cultural entertainment to serenade you on the plantation located at the foothills of the Maya mountains. Adorned with teak, mahogany, rosewood, and sandalwood trees, this farm is also known for growing spices such as Tellicherry Black Pepper and vanilla. This unique farm is owned by Tom and Tessy Mathew, who visited Belize and found it to be one of the gems of Central America. {B, D}

Day 9

Today our visit to Belize comes to an end as we say our goodbyes while driving to the airport.  {B}

5 Day Sample Itinerary

5-day vacation: Beginning in the beautiful Cayo district and ending on the island of Ambergris Caye.

Be one with the mysteries of the past in your independent getaway starting with exciting visits to places where the remnants of ancient Mayan civilization still exist, zip lining across the rain forest, experience the brilliant blue to gorgeous orange butterflies of Belize, trek to the natural waterfalls and pools to enjoy a refreshing dip, travel through native cultural villages.  Spend time on your own exploring the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye or fit in a water adventure.

Day 1

After you go through Immigration and Customs, we will greet you right outside the airport where you’ll be driven, about 1.5 to 2.5 hours, through numerous villages, scenic vistas, unexpected secrets and natural wonders till you arrive at the Award winning 5-Star exclusive Ka’ana Boutique Resort or the famous Francis Ford Coppola Resort, Blancaneaux Lodge, located in the Cayo District depending on the accommodations.

Dependent on arrival time:  Enjoy one of the more remarkable zoos in Central America, The Belize Zoo – This is the best introduction to the animals of Belize, many of which are endangered species such as the Jaribu Stork, Scarlet Macaw, Jaguar, Margay, and black Howler Monkey. The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is settled upon 29 acres of tropical savanna and exhibits over 150 animals, representing over 45 species, all native to Belize. The zoo keeps animals which were orphaned, rescued, born at the zoo, rehabilitated animals, or sent to The Belize Zoo as donations from other zoological institutions.  (2-3 hours)

Dinner will be provided

Day 2 – Choose your adventure

Choose one of the following activities for today:

Cave tubing is one of the most electrifying and rejuvenating adventures you can experience in Belize.  Put on your shorts and get ready for the twists and turns of Caves Branch River Cave Tubing.  It’s the longest and most spectacular tour to experience some of Belize’s finest caves on an inner tube.  Your cave expedition will have you explore ancient Mayan ceremonial centers and see the crystal cathedral. It includes hiking, underground waterfalls, and climbing throughout the caves.  Lunch will be provided on site.

– AND –

Zip-lining – For those interested in a fun excursion, this rainforest canopy top, zip line adventure is for you. Zip lining is as close as you can get to flying over some of Belize’s sub-tropical rainforest.  A series of 6 platforms from which you zip across the jungle tops and a 5 minute walk between your stops.  Some steep stairs are required but this excursion is not strenuous.  As you soar from tree to tree, experience a bird’s-eye view of the rainforest, and scenery that cannot be seen from the ground.  (4 hours)

– OR –

Big Rock Falls – Today you get to cool off at one of Belize’s hidden gems.  The dirt trail is well-worn and easy to follow. A 20 minute hike down the hill, that may get a bit steep in a few place, and you arrive at an amazing 150 foot high waterfall!  The tremendous view of the water rushing over the huge rock formations and plummeting into the deep, perfectly round pool at the base, provides a rush of excitement.  You can cliff dive right next to the falls or swim in the deep pools fed by it.  You’ll have plenty of time to cavort in the natural waterfalls and pools. (4 hours)

– OR –

Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm Tour and A spa treatment at Chaa Creek Resort

Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm is a great attraction to visitors.  See the “Belizean Blue” in every stage of its lifecycle.  Where it starts as a green egg which soon changes into a caterpillar then into a dormant pupa and finally into a beautiful butterfly that will delight your eyes. (2 hours)

This adventure is a 25 minute drive through a dirt road, then a short 10-15 minute hike.

– AND –

The Spa at Chaa Creek– Enjoy the benefit of a professional spa treatment in one of the most stunning, relaxing settings imaginable.  Select from a range of treatments to create a spa experience that will put you in harmony with the beautiful, natural surroundings and yourself.

After an eventful, adventurous day you will return to the resort for Cultural entertainment and traditional Belizean Cuisine for dinner.

Day 3

Shuttle ride to the Mayan Temple of Xunantunich –This site consists of three ceremonial plazas enclosed by house mounds, pyramids and palaces.  A hand-cranked ferry takes you across the green, crystalline waters of the Mopan River, followed by a mile drive then a 10-15 minute walk, uphill, to this archaeological complex that was a major ceremonial center during the Classic Period of the Maya. El Castillo, a pyramid standing at 130 feet above the main plaza floor, when climbed, offers a spectacular view of the jungle landscape for miles around over the Mopan River Valley and into neighboring Guatemala. (2 hours)

Depart for San Pedro

Get ready to go to the most exciting island in Belize where the clear waters glint in the tropical sun.  We’ll drive you to Belize city, which is a 2-hour drive, where you’ll enjoy a 1.5 hour scenic boat ride to the islands, which are also called Cayes (pronounced Keys).  The most famous of these is Ambergris Caye and its small, vibrant town of San Pedro – an island situated 36 miles from the mainland of Belize.  World class snorkeling, diving and fishing destinations abound!  This island is the perfect distance from the Great Blue Hole, which can be experienced in a day.  Not far is the second largest Barrier reef in the world, home of some of the most exotic sea life you could ever experience.  Also, Hol Chan Marine Reserve where you can enjoy 3 square miles of preserved marine habitat -an unparalleled diving/snorkeling experience.  Closer to the island are calm, clear blue-green waters for swimming.  To get around the island, you can rent a golf car or simply bike.  There is much to do on this island or you can do nothing!  It’s up to you!


  • Accommodations: Banyan Bay Resort (based on seasonal availability) or another resort will be provided

Day 4

Today you get to choose a half day activity.  Choose from the following snorkeling/boat adventures:

  • Snorkeling at Hol Chan reserve/Shark Ray Alley – located conveniently 15 minute, by boat, away from the resort. On this trip you will have the opportunity to swim with colorful fish, and if you’re lucky, see sea turtles swimming around. On this trip you will also see and be able to pet nurse sharks and sting rays.
  • Mexico Rock/Tres Cocos – Lies north of Ambergris Caye, here you will swim through several types of corrals and well as several small, colorful fish.
  • Reef Runner Glass-Bottom Boat Adventure – Aboard a glass bottom boat where you’ll be taken on a sightseeing and/or snorkeling tour along the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world

– OR –

Day of leisure – You get to roam beautiful Ambergris Caye Island.  Walk, bike or rent a golf cart and explore this little paradise.  The town of San Pedro has many little souvenir shops to explore.  The locals are very friendly!  Or you can just find a quiet spot and lay in a hammock sipping a cold drink.  The choice is yours!  Dinner is just steps away from your accommodations in one of the many little restaurants along the main streets.  Fresh seafood is their specialty! The night life can be dancing the night away or Karaoke with the locals in one of the fine establishments along the beaches.  Or feel free to find a secluded beach to watch the sunset and listen to the surf…  Island life can be very relaxing.

Day 5

Today we boat/taxi you back to the Belize International Airport so you can return home.  It’s so hard to say goodbye so, we’ll just say “See you soon!”

Detailed Description

Belize – the only English speaking country in Central America, nestled between Guatemala and Mexico and only 2 hours from the USA, has a kaleidoscope of sights sounds adventures and memories.  It is rich with fauna and flora and an emerging eco-tourist destination.  You have a chance to become one with the rhythm of island life.  See the Belize Barrier Reef or journey to the great Blue Hole.

You begin your getaway, as you go back at least 4000 years, starting with the great Mayan civilization that vanished mysteriously.  You will get a chance to feel you are Indiana Jones, as you fly across the rainforest, on a zip line and go underground in an inner tube, floating past underground waterfalls into the Crystal Cathedral, a spiritual center to the ancient maya with your guide or simply explore our world renowned zoo.  You will experience a Pine forest in the middle of a jungle at Mountain Pine Ridge, which rises above the jungle on an uplift of granite rocks.  Here you can experience thousand foot waterfalls or just a 150 foot falls while cooling yourself in the natural pools at their bases.

After your exciting land adventure, take a boat or a small plane ride to the country’s largest island –  beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, where you’ll get a chance to plunge yourself into the warm, turquoise waters that are no more than 30 feet deep. Or take a boat to the Marine Reserve where you can enjoy 3 square miles of preserved marine habitat -an unparalleled diving/snorkeling experience. Here on the island you can Relax into the island life or enjoy your choice of a few exciting island activities. The choice is yours.


Price includes:

  • 6 nights of accommodations – 2 nights in the Cayo District and 2 nights on Ambergris Caye
  • Transportation includes flights or boat ride to/from Ambergris Caye and all transfers
  • While in Cayo: Daily Breakfast, 1 lunches, and 2 dinners plus planned entertainment
  • On the island, you’ll receive restaurant credit for Banyan Bay Resort’s restaurant
  • Your choice of one half day activity while on the Island
  • All activities on land are included




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