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We are a eco-friendly tour operating company that takes groups from all over the world to destinations in beautiful Belize. Our experienced Belizean tour guides tailor all-inclusive itineraries for the groups interests. Whether it be voluntourism, Mayan caves, temples, waterfalls, zip lining, horseback riding, scuba diving, drumming, snorkeling, rainforest hikes, botanical gardens, blue hole, butterfly farm, bird watching, biking, iguana rescue, bioluminescence, beaches, fishing, health & rejuvenation, spiritual retreats, relaxation, massage, yoga, weddings, senior getaways, school visits, coffee plantation visit, archaeological excursions, and custom event planning. We can also create a private cultural experience with the local women’s co-op.

All of our transportation is provided in a wide variety of clean, modern, air conditioned vehicles, fully insured as required by the Belize Tourism Board.

Our team is committed to your care, comfort, safety and complete enjoyment at all times. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way.

Jacqueline Seanpaul

Belize American owner and operator of Belize Nature Getaway

Ms. Seanpaul, began organizing and leading groups as a government social services and urban development dept. intern at the age of 14, where she worked with anthropologists and historical researchers.

Today, she remains committed to sharing the beauty and wonder of her native culture. Her primary endeavor to donate to the education of women and children and employ Belizeans is a way of giving back to the country she loves.

Her mission with Belize Nature Getaway is the desire for others to have the enlightened and energized feelings of health and happiness that are so easily accessible in this country. The bounty of nature and basic values that embody Belizean culture are a priceless treasure to experience during a tour of the various areas of this country.

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